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Doodah Farm

The first murmurings of creative energy came when Stevie Myler got himself completely sober for the first time in his adult life and, after many years of playing other people’s stuff, realised he had more to say. That’s when he discovered an appetite to write as well as play. So when he bumped in to old friend Mark Dickinson they started playing their own material as a duo.


Soon it became clear that two was not enough and a traditional band line-up was the answer. Luckily that’s when they met Joe Lamb and Jordan Atkins. Joe had come to the conclusion that his talents where wasted in the Vietnamese sex industry so he returned to Liverpool, Ukulele in hand, to make his fortune. When they first met Jordan they were immediately impressed with his drum skills but had to spend several weeks persuading him to abandon his ambition to play the Hound in Game of Thrones, eventually getting him to join the band.  So with the final piece of the jigsaw falling into place, Doodah Farm emerged as a quartet with four distinct talents and no egos.

Having planned to release their first recordings in the autumn of 2013 the band’s priority was to get out in front of live audiences and put their music to the test. Drawing on the experience of gigging around the UK and abroad in ‘covers’ bands, Mark and Stevie know that being able to entertain a crowd is crucial. Their home town of Liverpool provided the ideal launch pad for their first gigs, with its vibrant new music scene and audiences from around the world.  The boys were not disappointed with the reaction, as far as the people of Liverpool are concerned Doodah Farm are on their way – and who would dare to argue with that?

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